Zero-waste Dining

How a humble lettuce can make a big difference

We’re taking zero-waste dining to the next level with produce from our new Kitchen Gardens

Just take a look at these juicy lettuces. We’re so proud of our “no-dig” garden’s first season’s crop, which are coming up trumps for guests and staff alike. Flourishing alongside a wide range of other vegetables, from asparagus and squash to fresh herbs and mangetout, we’ve gone one step further and devised a zero-waste way of making the most of our beautiful crops.

Take one fresh lettuce: did you know that every single part of it can be used? Here’s how we do it. The bottom leaves are removed and go towards our organic compost, reducing the need to buy it in and creating a circular system. The middle leaves are then used for a crunchy prawn cocktail in the Restaurant, or in one of the fresh slaws in the Crab Shack. Then the softer top leaves go into our summery salads in the Restaurant for lunch, while the hearts are braised and served as a delicious side in the evening.

To add to our zero-waste ethos, our team makes use of things that might otherwise be discarded – such as beetroot tops – to create colourful salads, and adds in edible flowers and herbs from our gardens.

Together, it gets us one step closer on our sustainability journey.

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