New adventure routes around Whitby

Strap on your hiking boots or dust off your bike and explore the Whitby area like never before…

We’re thrilled to now be on the part of Route YC, a new collection of six adventure-filled routes for visitors to explore the breathtaking Yorkshire coast. Their website offers thrillseekers the chance to build up their own personalised itineraries, factoring in personal interests and fitness levels, and linking to activities, attractions and recommended places to stay – including Raithwaite Sandsend.

From day-long dog-friendly hikes, to adrenaline-pumping bike rides, exciting surfing days or delicious lunch stops, you’ll find something to take you well off the usual tourist trail.

And to add to the experience , we’ve just installed a MANTIS bicycle repair stand within our grounds – another step towards encouraging our guests to make greener choices. This nifty contraption, located right by our no-dig kitchen gardens, is the perfect spot to prop up your bike and get it trail-ready. With a handy stand to hold your bike in place, plus tools for basic repair and a bicycle floor pump, you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time.

Find out more about activities in and around Raithwaite Sandsend.

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