Sandsend Beach

Just north of the hustle and bustle of Whitby, peaceful, secluded Sandsend beach is a golden stretch of sand and shingle, part of Yorkshire’s beautiful heritage coastline. Popular with fossil hunters, dog walkers and surfers, the sandy beach provides plenty of space for families and friends to relax and enjoy.

Is Sandsend beach dog friendly?

Most of Sandsend is a dog-friendly beach all year round. However, from 1 May to 30 September there are certain areas where dogs are not permitted.

Accessibility of Sandsend beach

A large car park is situated next to the beach, with public toilets nearby, and for those arriving by public transport, the lines and routes that have stops nearby include:

Bus: X4/X4A Whitby to Middlesbrough route

Train: Northern services to Whitby, then transfer to the bus station across the road for bus services to Sandsend. The beach is a 2.2-mile, 45-minute walk from the railway station.

Sandsend village

Located on an unspoiled stretch of the Yorkshire coastline, just north of Whitby and south of Runswick Bay, lie the sandy shores and cluster of fishermen’s cottages known as Sandsend. The birthplace of British shipping magnate George Pyman, this Yorkshire coast village is home to a number of picturesque cottages. The village’s origins are believed to date back to the alum industry; Sandsend even had its own railway station, which contributed to the introduction of tourism to North Yorkshire and the North York Moors from the Victorian era in 1883 until its closure in 1958.

Today, regular visitors to the village include dog walkers, surfers, and fossil hunters with the UK Fossil Network claiming you can find Jurassic remains on the shores as well as many ammonites and shells. There are also cosy country pubs, cafes and shops, while hikers will find easy access to Mulgrave Woods and the Cleveland Way.

Things to do in Sandsend

Sandsend offers sweeping views across the coastline, especially during periods of high tide, making it a popular walking route all year round.

Fossil hunting

Most fossils are found after cliff falls at Sandsend, usually after storms during the winter months. Fossils can also be found amongst the rocks along the foreshore all year round, as the water has been known to come in so far that boulders are washed out to sea.


Fishing is a year-round activity in the Whitby area, with the most potential for catches coming in the winter months when the fish come closer to the shore. The beach also features many rock pools, perfect for discovering marine wildlife such as peeler crabs, lug and ragworms.

Walking trail

The most popular walking route in Sandsend stretches from Sandsend village to Whitby Abbey and back again. This easy route is suitable for most ages and levels of ability, and begins next to Sandsend cafe. Make sure that the time of your visit coincides with low tide, ensuring a straight-forward route along the beach. Once you arrive inWhitby, make your way through town and up the famous 199 steps to the Abbey before circling back and heading back to Sandsend. Car parking is available at both ends of the route, in Whitby and Sandsend, and the trail can also be incorporated into the Cleveland Way.