With the rolling North Sea waves and rugged Sandsend cliffs as your backdrop, beach yoga at Raithwaite Sandsend allows you to connect with nature that you will not get from a yoga studio while enjoying all of yoga’s physical and mental benefits.

Meditation and relaxation

Our very own expert yoga instructor, Heather, leads our beach yoga practice every Saturday morning, whether it’s on the grounds of Raithwaite Sandsend itself or on nearby Sandsend Beach.

In our beach yoga classes, Heather will guide you through positions that focus on physical wellness and mindfulness and can help restore mental balance brought upon by the stress and rigours of everyday life.

The simple act of communing with nature can have extremely positive effects on the nervous system. This, coupled with the relaxing sounds of the sea, the soothing sensation of the ocean breeze on your skin, fresh air and seagulls chirping, can greatly help you to unwind as you’re in king pigeon pose or reverse warrior pose.

Perfect Poses

Taking yoga classes on the beach can also help you to master poses. This is because, resting a yoga mat on the sand instead of a sturdy surface such as a wooden floor in a yoga studio helps to build strength, particularly amongst the muscles in your lower body as they work harder to maintain balance on an uneven surface.

A sand base also makes balancing and maintaining position more difficult, requiring you to develop a highly focused body and mind to remain stable and prevent falls. So when you come to practice yoga again in an indoor studio or hall, the new poses you have been perfecting will seem straightforward and free from difficulties.

One of Heather’s aims is to make yoga accessible and fun and we are always thinking of imaginative ways to enhance the experience and discover new places on the beach or on our grounds to teach yoga.

Improve strength, flexibility and your mental health

Regular yoga sessions support stress management and help regulate mental health. Those that practice yoga will benefit from the slow movements, targeted stretches, and deep breathing that a yoga class promotes. Our experienced yoga teacher will also show you positions that increase blood flow throughout your body and can build strength when focused on targeted muscle groups.

As well as burning calories and toning muscles, yoga poses such as the dolphin, half moon and downward dog are especially good for tightening your stomach and strengthening your back when conducted on the sand.

Costs and availability

Our local expert teacher offers private one-to-one classes for £75 per person, as well as sessions for couples at £85 per couple and the whole family at £95. Join an open session for one hour with prices starting at £15 per person.

Open classes are held every Saturday and Sunday and are subject to weather and availability. While the risk of injury in yoga is extremely low, especially compared to other exercises, all guests join a class at their own risk.

We recommend bringing a towel to beach yoga sessions to place underneath your mat as the beach can occasionally be damp. We also advise you to bring your own mat, although some are available from our concierge.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our friendly team today to book your beach yoga session.